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Regardless, there are some stories out there of CCleaner breaking Windows. The point is, why bother messing with the registry if those useless registry files do nothing Adobe Reader DC download for Windows 10 to harm your PC performance in the first place? Running a registry cleaner is essentially a waste of time and runs the risk of only causing more problems. We are so blinded by our own actions that we drive ourselves to false conclusions that a tool like a Windows registry cleaner, or any free registry cleaning tool, shows a perceived performance boost. Maybe it’s because we get this satisfying tingly feeling when our PC is orderly, so our PC must feel the same way.

Check the boxes for various types of files to clean, and you’re all set. One, it scans for and deletes useless files, freeing up space. Two, it erases private data like your browsing history and list of most recently opened files in various programs.

Ccleaner Professional Plus Review

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Aside from clearing unnecessary files, CCleaner also cleans the cache of your browser and other programs. However, you can clear your browser history, cache, and other information right inside it. Plus, incognito or private modes allow you to browse without saving any information in the first place. The longtime Disk Cleanup tool makes cleaning junk files off your system easy. Launch it by typing its name in the Start Menu, then choose the disk you want to scan.

Registry cleaners came to prominence over 10 years ago when computer performance was nowhere near as fast as it is today. Essentially, a registry cleaner is a tool that scans your Windows registry for registry keys that are of no use, or potentially leftover remnants of malware that has been removed. It then gives you the option of removing this dead weight in your system. Vendors of registry cleaning claim that by cleaning up the Windows registry, you have an opportunity to speed up your computer. provides free software downloads for old versions of programs, drivers and games.

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My point is that CCleaner never really had anything going for it in the first place. There are plenty of free tools out there that can clean your browser history, cookies, and cache. So, in the wake of this supply chain attack on CCLeaner, none of us should feel any loyalty to this tool. And for any of us who use CCleaner just for the registry cleaner, take this as a moment of reflection, and admit that we got duped by snake oil salesmen.

A registry cleaning program can potentially help, but larger contributing factors are often at play. If a critical component of your registry is compromised, registry cleaning programs would be completely useless.

For example, Windows’s Disk Cleanup handles a lot of what CCleaner’s cleaning tools do. TreeSize is a much better disk analyzer and Patch My PC is better at updating software. And some CCleaner tools, like Uninstall and Startup, just duplicate Windows functionality and are thus of little use. Options are presented clearly and junk files are organized in a way that is familiar to the native Windows file explorer.