Limited Feature Set – Design

Limited Feature Set – Design

With any technology item, there is certainly always a trade-off between control and convenience.

And you may actually see this trade-off using the Site123 site builder. The ease of their design setup is very good. It’s easy, fast, and perhaps not confusing. It sets your focus solely on getting the content onto the premade template by generating a curated template for you.

But right here’s the fact — if you don’t such as the template you’re offered, changing it is just a discomfort. If you’d like to go anywhere beyond the basic principles of design, you may be limited with Site123.

The font, and the general ‘feel’/structure of the design for your theme, you can edit the color.

With pages, you are able to select specific designs from pre-made alternatives.

However you cannot replace the design. You simply cannot drag and drop. Read more